We are a multi-racial grassroots alliance of incarcerated people, their family members, friends and supporters who are organized to support each other and led by the black and brown communities most impacted by mass incarceration. Your monthly contribution will help us build political power to support progressive movement politics at the ballot box and build people power to end mass incarceration and get our communities what we need.

FREE THE BALLOT from prisons and mass incarceration.

FREE THE BALLOT from corporations and the wealthy. 

FREE THE BALLOT from control by the political machines. 

FREE THE BALLOT to build power for our communities, BUILD THE POWER TO GET FREE!

Free The Ballot! Incarcerated Voter Family Network is a multi-racial grassroots alliance fighting for equality and social justice for our communities which have been gripped by mass incarceration and poverty.

We are family members and friends of incarcerated people, people currently incarcerated in PA state prisons and county jails, and formerly incarcerated people who have come home to help build our communities.

While people in Pennsylvania who are currently incarcerated can’t vote.

Our family members and friends on the outside of prisons walls, including those who were formerly incarcerated, can vote.

We mobilize inside and outside of prison walls to educate our people and build political power to both end mass incarceration and reallocate the wealth and power in society to meet human needs.

We build political power to support progressive movement politics at the ballot box

We don’t blindly support ‘lesser evils’. We get commitments from candidates and we hold them accountable.

We build people power to abolish unjust laws and get our communities what they need.

Alone we don’t have a lot of sway, but when we get organized we amplify each others power.

Through rallies, public forums and meetings with policy makers we will overturn the policies which oppress us.

There is power in organized people and we are getting organized.